72 Hour Wazoo Survival Challenge | Part 1

Join Jason Salyer and Dustin from Wazoo Survival as they embark on a 72-hour Survival Challenge in the Colorado winter using only the clothes on their backs and their Wazoo Survival Kits!

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Survival Food Supplies

There will be times sadly that people will certainly locate themselves in emergency circumstances. These scenarios usually occur due to unfortunate events. These events can happen because of lorry accidents, severe weather, or crashes such as obtaining lost in the timbers.

Survival Kits – Making Sure You’re Prepared

This time of year is a good one for discussing your survival kit and also action strategy. Winter months in many components of the nation can make getting out to acquire needed groceries difficult. Most of us have at the very least one possible all-natural disaster facing us, so preparation is vital to surviving well.

Where to Store Your Emergency Home Food Storage

Need aid to figure out where to store your emergency food storage space? Here are a few suggestions and guidelines to adhere to.

Emergency Disaster Survival Kits – Suggestions – Beyond Commercially Prepared Disaster Survival Kits

I can’t inform you what you should have in your emergency situation survival set. What I can do is give you a Suggestion of what you might require in an extensive disaster kit. These are some things that are not customarily component of a reduced end emergency preparedness set.

Double Trouble Stun Gun – Don’t Want No Trouble Now, Ya Hear?

If the Double Trouble stun gun was a constable in an old western community it would be the solid, confident type that didn’t take no riff-raff from no hornswoggler. He ‘d just gaze at the crooks with that steely gaze as well as the wrongdoers would certainly simply hot foot it out of town reduce they intended to entangle with the meanest, fiercest most rottin’-tootinest’ constable in the land.

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