AA Battery Fire Hack – Worst Case Fire Starter

This AA Battery Fire hack can save your life in a SHTF scenario if you have no other method of starting a fire! With this survival hack, you’ll always have a backup fire starter! Use this for worst case scenarios.
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Ultimate Bugout Bag Set-Up – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gs_YjrgdaNo&t=263s

Ultimate EDC Survival Kit Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoYLEh4b0Qg

Altoids Survival Kit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGsKcW-mD3g&t=6s

Illinois Concealed Carry License: Getting It Is Only The First Step

With Illinoisans ultimately being able to obtain a Certificate to Bring after many years of lawful battles, way too many people will certainly believe that receiving their Permit in the mail is completion of the road. However those who think this method do so at their very own risk. 1) Safety And Security and Responsibility Is Work One The worst thing concerning being able to carry a packed weapon can commonly be bring a loaded gun!

Getting an Illinois Concealed Carry License With the NRA Basic Pistol Course

The training need for the Illinois License to Bring is the most strict in the country. Applicants have to undertake, or show credit report for, 16 hrs of training. While the initial 8 hrs of training may be waived for applicants with prior training, every candidate should take the 2nd 8 hours of training.

Ebola Survival Guide: 3 Things You Must Know

As the concern of the Ebola pandemic expands, it is critical that people different truth from fiction. What can you do to make sure that you and also your family members are not jeopardized?

Ebola Scare Is the Dress Rehearsal: This Is a Wake Up Call

Ebola may or may not influence America in a large way this year, yet it does subject some of the obvious susceptabilities we have. The federal government is demonstrating that, as when it comes to Typhoon Katrina, it is woefully unprepared to “keep us safe.” Any person that believes that they are not accountable for their own safety as well as survival is fooling themselves. So what are some fast as well as very easy measures we can tackle our very own, that price virtually absolutely nothing, to provide us some tranquility of mind? This short article will certainly begin you on the simple course to provide you the self-confidence that the scare-mongers in the press recognize doesn’t help offer their hyped stories.

Ebola Defense: How to Survive a Quarantine and Pandemic Breakout

Ebola has raised the consciousness of the country about pandemics. Knowing what to do when it comes to a pandemic of any type of kind is essential so that you are not at the mercy of some inefficient federal government agency giving you recommendations as well as, with any luck, providing you materials …

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