Best Vanlife 🚐 Refrigerator — 2021 Newair NPR080GA00

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I have been searching for the best refrigerator for vanlife since the beginning of 2021. I wanted something that was portable, had a large capacity, would run on solar, AC and DC current and was efficient and well built. Today I am reviewing and unboxing the Newair NPR080GA00. I will go over the specs and measurements of this fridge, measure the decibel output to see how loud or how quiet it is, measure the energy consumption with AC and DC current and give you my opinion of why this is the best vanlife refrigerator of 2021. I really put this thing to the test by seeing how long it would run on DC power using my Renogy 12V gel battery from my van’s battery bank.

This refrigerator has some great benefits including:
* less than 45 dB when running
* reversible doors
* rolling wheels and adjustable carry handle
* dual zone controls to make a fridge and a freezer, 2 refrigereators or 2 freezers
* runs off solar, AC or DC
* amazing energy efficiency


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