Bugout Bag Theory – Basic 101 to Building a Bug Out Bag

In this video I discuss bugout bag theory, what items you should put in your bag and why. This video is designed to be a bug out bag 101 course to either give you ideas or help those who may not know what a bug out bag is or what to pack.

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This survival kit is designed for leaving your home and not coming back.

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8 Survival Kit Myths That Are Your Worst Enemy

Merely having a survival set will certainly not ensure or guarantee your survival. When understood, your threat of making unneeded blunders will certainly go way down. The outcome will be less unfavorable surprises.

Will We Survive Ebola?

Now what will happen if as well as when Ebola hits a city near you. After the 1918 pandemic cities as well as countries didn’t collapse, they lugged on, villages and villages fell down as individuals moved away. Life went on, food maintained coming in, individuals didn’t starve they could have gone hungry, basic services kept going. Now with Ebola we wish the same will certainly occur, no major collapse of civilization.

Illinois Concealed Carry Classes – Are They All The Same? 3 Things to Consider

Since Illinois allows its residents to get a Certificate to Bring, applicants must choose how they will certainly accomplish their training demand. The dirty little secret concerning Illinois Concealed Carry is that there are almost as several training classes as there are various instructors. The factor for the absence of uniformity in training courses is that the lawful division at the Illinois State Police picked not to accept a specific curriculum.

Ebola and Pandemics: A Prepper’s Guide

While several Preppers have a tendency to be much more concerned regarding a terrible societal collapse, it is equally as vital to be planned for any kind of sort of disaster that threatens our households. So thinking of the Ebola infection or an additional pandemic is not typically at the top of the awareness of someone who is frequently looking for financial collapse. Nevertheless, the 2 are never equally unique.

Long Term Water Storage Basics

We have all been busy accumulating our emergency situation supplies and food storage for the time of requirement, when an emergency situation or catastrophe circumstance arises. If something must occur such as a huge tornado or earthquake, financial disruption, pandemic or whatever, you can be on your own for anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. Could you be self-dependent for 2 months, 6 months or also year! If so, don’t forget the main vital: WATER.

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