Building an Off Grid Outhouse ………start to finish

Building an Outhouse is the number one priority for any new homestead. In this video my brother Ryan and I build an outhouse at my remote off grid property in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We’re using rough sawn lumber bought from the Amish, and minimal tools, and digging the hole by hand, with a shovel.

Prepare Your Home and Your Family for Extreme Weather

The climate seems to be changing and deviating for the extreme. This is a phenomenon that is relegated to this component of the globe, however in truth is pretty visible throughout the planet. The moments are actually transforming and we might claim that in a very actual sense because it includes the weather that can affect people’s everyday lives.

Things To Consider In An Urban Survival Situation

In an urban survival circumstance you can be entraped in a structure as a result of a quake or explosion. Are you prepared to handle such a circumstance? The huge majority of usage are not and do not offer it much idea.

Medical Supplies for Hurricane Preparedness

Getting ready for a hurricane is something lots of people do every year. While excess food as well as water are necessities, one can always remember the significance of an emergency treatment set.

Journey to the Off the Grid Life

Our trip to a way of life of living off the grid in Canada. We share our option of a planetary system along with the reality doing of every day chores in a tiny log cabin.

Essential First Aid Kit Contents for a Disaster Situation

If you are ever in a life or death situation having an emergency treatment package will be really vital. Knowing what to have in it to plan for a poor situation is vital. This listing may not be everything that you will need, but it will certainly aid.

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