Charcoal and Drinking Water | Machete Survival Series | ON Three

Even if you’re stuck in the woods with no supplies, there are many ways that nature provides what you need to survive. Watch as Jason Salyer collects items found in nature to harvest water in grapevines, start a fire, and collect charcoal.

Check out more from Jason Salyer on his YouTube channel!

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Surviving 2012 – Food Shortages, Food Riots and Two Things You Can Do Right Now

With the numerous various worries concerning 2012, more individuals than ever before are beginning to stockpile on food in situation there are food scarcities and also food troubles in the event of any type of variety of catastrophes. Being prepared is the ideal means to ensure that your family members does not endure hassle or challenge or worse yet, obtaining caught in a food trouble. Having a number of hundred bucks in additional food sitting in your kitchen is better than having it in the bank.

2012 Advanced Home Protection From Looters and Rioters

With the economy diving and a great deal of anxiousness over the possibility of civil discontent as well as chaos, it is necessary to think of what you will do to maintain your house safe if things go south. The last thing you desire is anxiety and also anxiety if individuals begin acting crazy after a catastrophe. Up until things get really poor, the majority of individuals don’t intend to transform their home right into an insane looking citadel.

2012 Water Shortages – How to Purify Water When the Tap Runs Dry

Whether it is an average water pipe break or a real 2012 disaster, lacking water can plunge people into anxiety quicker even than a food lack. The first thing that occurs is that mineral water flies off the shop racks. After that, the local authorities attempt to schedule shipments of mineral water from out-of-town that people will certainly line up for hours to get.

2012 Survival Manual – What to Consider

Whether it’s the Mayan calendar, an economic collapse, the planet’s electromagnetic field changing or enhanced solar storms that threaten to maim the country’s electric grid, there are a great deal of reasons individuals have for wishing to plan for a major catastrophe in 2012. Urban survival guidebooks are ending up being progressively popular, as even more people feel that it is sensible to be gotten ready for something, just in instance. So what should you search for in an urban survival guidebook?

The Different Class of Fires and the Right Extinguishers to Use

Among the most crucial pieces of safety equipment one can have in their house or business is a fire extinguisher. It is essential to have fire extinguishers that ideal fit your requirements as well as have the ability to manage the sort of fire you are most likely to come across.

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