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On this episode of Survival Dispatch, Brian and Terry introduce a common dilemma faced by landowners in the forest farm series.

A weed that has grown to around five feet tall and has only been growing for about two months is highlighted in this video for its outrageous growth. While it appears to be harmless, it grows in clusters that can range in size from about half an inch to several feet in length as they mature. Keep an eye on it, though, because it can grow up to 10 feet tall in just a couple of feet of space.

When you try to mow it down with a lawnmower, the weed just manages to beat the mower down, leaving your blade dull when you are finished with it.

The importance of keeping up with the current situation of your household cannot be overemphasized. After being occupied and gone from your property for an extended period of time, you are likely to find an unhealthy amount of mess waiting for you when you return. As a result, you must maintain a high level of alertness at all times.

Start with little stacks of logs that are dumped into a pool of rocks in order to be effective with the cleanup. Your land is then totally covered with 15 5-gallon garbage cans, which have been packed with weeds and other undesirables.

It is a lot of labor, but it is vital to keep the amount of local weed growth at a consistent level throughout the summer. It appears approximately two weeks after the seeds have been spread throughout the property.

The moral of this story is that in order to perform well, your surroundings must be kept in good condition. You must clean up the land at least once a month, even if you are unable to work it in the manner that you desire for the next six months.

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