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Bear with Bear Independent discusses how to get more comfortable dealing with hardships. In this video, Bear outlines some tips he recommends using to prepare yourself for future hardships so you’ll be ready when the time comes.

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3 Ways to Prepare for an Economic Collapse

With the economy ever extra delicate as well as the debt spiralling out of control, the opportunity of a major financial situation hitting America is higher than in the past. So let’s consider 3 means to plan for an economic collapse to ensure that you can take some steps to gaining assurance. Step 1 to Prepare for an Economic Collapse It is smart to plan for the financial institutions being shut for a number of days and Atm machines as well as credit history cards not working.

How To Prepare For an Economic Collapse

As a survival specialist, I am regularly asked how to plan for a financial collapse. Our economic situation is a growing number of vulnerable and around the world points are looking pretty poor, so there is normally much more issue concerning an economic collapse.

What Is Meant by the Term “Prepper?”

With the boosting appeal of National Geographic’s program “Doomsday Preppers” it appears that every person has an idea of what a “Prepper” is as well as the majority of the suggestions are a bit exaggerated. The truth is that a prepper is any person that takes steps to be planned for any type of number of catastrophe circumstances from a nuclear assault to a power outage brought on by a tornado. A lot of our grandparents would fit the meaning of a prepper by this standard, because a lot of our grandparents endured the Great Depression and recognized what it was like to see …

Bug Out Bag Essentials

Are gotten ready for catastrophe? You may have become aware of bug out bags, yet do you have the essentials for survival?

Prepping With Gold or Silver

Should individuals purchase gold or silver for a possible economic collapse? Is gold or silver a smart financial investment? Which is most likely to be used in a post-collapse economic climate, gold or silver?

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