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After it hits the fan you may have to bug out of the city, how far will you make it? Lets talk about it!

Scepter fuel cans*

SXMA fuel cans

Rotopax accessories

How Far Can you Drive on Empty Chart

CANADIAN PREPPERS STORE / Premium Survival/ Emergency Equipment

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Fire Starting


Disaster Survival Kits: Keeping Yourself and Your Family Prepared

Disaster can strike at any type of minute, so purchasing or developing a catastrophe survival kit is always considered a great and also sensible investment. A catastrophe survival package is one sort of survival equipment which is generally used for providing nutrition as well as defense to an individual or to family members in the occasion of all-natural or manufactured tragedies.

Be a Survivor With a Wilderness Survival Kit

Treking makes for a wonderful pastime as a result of various reasons: pleasure, physical fitness as well as de-stressing. But while treking definitely has advantages as well as advantages, it can also cause mishaps as well as various other unfavorable incidents. It has been reported that there are about 50,000 hiking-related search as well as rescue missions annually.

Top 10 AED Myths

There are lots of computerized external defibrillators (AED) offered in clinical relevant as well as public locations. Many of the general public recognize what an AED is – but have never ever had their hands on one or been trained on just how to make use of one. And, due to this, lots of misconceptions concerning AED use have actually developed. So, below is a checklist of the myths that Michele as well as I listen to the most often from our medical care trainees in addition to the public.

Stun Guns and Tasers – Pros and Cons

Modern innovation has led the way for the creation of self defense weapons such as the tasers and also stun guns. Though they provide a lot of benefits, there are also some downsides in using them so believe completely first before you choose to get them or otherwise.

Disaster Relief Tents: Do You Know Their Benefits?

Calamity monitoring can grow greatly in many cases where the proper devices are not available to assist the victims. It is necessary that the basics of life- shelter, food, water, and clinical facilities be made accessible to the areas enduring from natural or manufactured disasters, asap. While the food and water have actually to be scheduled the sufferers, it is crucial that the temporary sanctuaries set up as quickly as feasible.

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