Driving a hand pump well at a remote off grid Wilderness Camp

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In this video, Brooke and I drive a well at our remote off grid camp in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with the help of our good friend Scott. Its amazing to be able to get drinking water right out of the ground, on your own property.
Living off grid is a simple and quiet way to live but it does require a few systems to be in place in order to feel comfortable and have your needs met. An outhouse is top priority, and I would say a well comes in a close second. Having a way to get water for showers, the garden, your pets and of course to drink…..thats an amazing and wonderful thing.
I hope you enjoy seeing to process of digging a pilot hole, driving the well pipe, putting on the pump, and ultimately pumping your own water out of the ground. Enjoy!
Dave Whipple

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