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What is the ultimate hunting tool after the grid goes down? How about a double barrel crossbow that’s actually high powered! The Excalibur twinstrike is the first of its sort.

Gear in this video
Excalibur Twinstrike

ALL Xbows

Backpack- Markhor 45 Vanquest

Saw- Zubat 390

Axe (Adler Splitter)

Blade (Survival Lilly Apo1s)

Facemask (mestel)

Shirt (under armour)

Boots (Muck boots)

Hurricane Preparedness – Animals

A current newspaper write-up approximated a loss of 250,000 animals due to Typhoon Isaac. Here is a quick checklist to avoid your pet(s) from being found amongst that number.

What Is Forward Osmosis and How Can It Save Your Life?

First of all, what the hell is ahead osmosis? In straightforward terms, it’s water’s natural ability to balance. by utilizing a remedy on one end of a membrane, you can, in significance, suck water through the filter to the opposite side to make sure that the water is in a state of equilibrium.

The 4 ABC’s of First Aid Training

Emergency treatment training instructs individuals just how to give assistance for a lengthy checklist of injuries as well as illnesses. However, within this kind of training, there are some skills which are taken into consideration critical as well as have to be the focus of any kind of rescuer throughout severe, life-saving treatments. These skills, which are commonly referred to as the “ABC” of emergency treatment training, are quickly defined below.

Bugging In Versus Bugging Out

When planning for emergencies as well as disasters there are many points to think about. Whether or not to pest in or bug out is a significant consideration, do not limit your survival capability by rejecting to think rationally.

Top 6 Concerns of Bugging Out

Hello Preppers! So now you have your Pest Out Bag or 72 hr bag loaded and also prepared to roll. You have certain gear saved close by the bag for those last minute decision-making minutes as well as you have actually marked which sorts of emergencies or catastrophes will trigger your plans for bugging out.

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