Freeze Dried Condiments — Ketchup, Mustard, Sriracha, BBQ Sauce & Relish

I just made Freeze Dried Condiments! I was watching my favorite TV show the other day (Shark Tank) and they had a company on there called Slice of Sauce. The company makes a condiment that comes in a slice and does not have to be refrigerated and is mess free. Naturally, this got my gears turning and I wanted to recreate this in freeze dried form.
1) Freeze Dried Ketchup (low or no sugar, I used That’s smart brand and watered it down)
2) Freeze Dried Mustard (simple and easy, turns out perfect)
3) Freeze Dried Sriracha (high sugar content, but had no problems)
4) Freeze Dried BBQ Sauce (i used a sugar free version made by G. Hughes Smokehouse)
5) Freeze Dried Relish (turns out pretty salty just like freeze dried pickles, it also loses some color)

I tried these a few different ways. I really wanted to put the condiment “puck” that i froze in a mold onto a burger on the grill and seal it up with cheese over the top. I was hoping that the pool of grease on the burger would rehydrate it. It works, sort of. Maybe if the ketchup “puck” was diluted a little more and spread thin, it would do just fine. The longer the condiments sat on the burger, the better they performed. I also tried a hot dog fresh off the grill and added it to a bun that had been warmed and steamed in the microwave. I was hoping that the freeze dried condiment strips that i made would rehydrate with the heat and moisture. Ketchup and mustard were a lot like chewing a ketchup and mustard fruit roll up. The siracha and relish worked about 75%. As a last effort, i just rehydrated them back to their original form with water in a bowl and made some “to go” condiment packets in some modified Mylar bags. SUCESS! I love it when a plan comes together.

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