Freeze Dried Eggs– Fried eggs, Scrambled Eggs, Hard Boiled Eggs

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Today, we are revisiting a favorite for freeze drying….Freeze Dried Eggs. We are doing freeze dried scrambled eggs and including a rock solid ratio recipe (2 tbsp egg powder + 2 tbsp water = 1 egg) that can be used for baking, cooking and anything you could use an egg for. We are also freeze drying 40 whole eggs in a tray and 20 whole eggs in a tray using our tray dividers from
Last, I am trying to get freeze dried hard boiled eggs to rehydrate so I can enjoy a freeze dried egg salad sandwich anywhere and anytime. I tried dicing the hard boiled eggs this time and found it to be perfect! The eggs are so inexpensive, taste great and they are easy to rehydrate (the trifecta of freeze drying). Rehydrating a freeze dried fried egg can, however, be a little tricky.

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