Freeze Dried Tuna Fish Sandwich 🐟 How to Rehydrate Bread 🍞

I thought for sure I was never going to be able to have a tuna fish sandwich when camping, hiking, traveling or fighting zombies. GOOD NEWS! I tried to freeze dry a tuna fish sandwich and it works perfectly. I tried freeze dried tuna sandwiches two ways because we all know that mayonnaise does not freeze dry. I tried substituting the mayo with plain yogurt (not Greek yogurt). It rehydrated great and satisfied my craving but…… it was still lacking just a little. I made my second freeze dried tuna fish sandwich by leaving out the mayo in my recipe. Since some forms of mayo do not need to be refrigerated, i rehydrated with a little water and a little mayo and just to turn it up a notch, I rehydrated another with chipotle mayo. BAM! It was perfect! Now I have a new traveling food that curbs my craving!

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