Freeze Dried Venison 🦌Deer Steak🦌 HARVESTRIGHT FREEZE DRYER

Today we are freeze drying venison loins / steaks. I have tried other types of meat including steak, pork chops, hot dogs, shrimp, chicken etc. Venison is a very tough meat to cook right even when it’s not freeze dried. However, when you rehydrate freeze dried meat, you can infuse it with any type of liquid imaginable. I used my brine recipe and it to my surprise, i had one the finest pieces of freeze dried meat ever. Keep in mind, when you rehydrate meat you are taking out the redness and ALL liquids including what most people think is blood (myoglobin). The rehydrated product is not going to be red and “bloody” like most are used to, rather an infused, juicy steak with all of the taste, texture and tenderness you are used to. ENJOY!

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