Freeze Dryer Tray Dividers — Consistent Freeze Dried Food Portions

This is the best way to make a consistent portion when freeze drying food every time. It makes freeze drying recipes easy to rehydrate with repetitive results. The tray dividers are adjustable to allow you to make many sizes and portions.

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Save 10% when you buy 4 sets for a medium, 5 sets a for large. Just select FULL Medium or FULL Large from the menu below..
Make your freeze dryer trays portion making machines.
These are MADE IN THE USA!
Interlocking molds make adjustable grids that stay together
Knife edge on one side allows you to cut through tough foods
Easy grip tabs, sturdy, durable, dishwasher safe and FDA approved material
Made to withstand freeze drying temperatures
1 set = 3 long and 9 short dividers.
1 set divides up to as many as 40 individual compartments.
We recommend 1 set per tray.
These are also compatible with our tray stackers

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