Freeze Drying Infrared Thermometer by Helect

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Today’s video is a quick explanantion of how to use the HELECT Infrared Thermometer that I use for freeze drying. This is a quick way to check if your freeze dried food is completely done. I use this to point and scan over the freeze drying trays, looking for cold spots. If you understand how the freeze drying process works, this will make more sense. The freeze dryer freeze food completely and slowly heats the food up while under a vacuum. This turns the water in a gas that freezes onto the side of the vacuum chamber. If you scan the trays, you can look for spots (if there are any) that are still frozen. If there are frozen spots, your food is not done. Full disclosure: This is not a 100% bullet proof way of determining if the food is done or not, but it is pretty accurate if you know what you are looking for and you also use your eyes and sense of touch. I hope this helps explain using this and feel free to share this video.

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