This video is a tribute to my Grandma’s Turkey & Noodles recipe. We are using wild turkey, making the noodles homemade (from scratch) and then freeze drying the whole batch. We are also introducing a new way to cook and rehydrate your freeze dried food. SOUS VIDE by Anova. Sous Vide is a style of cooking that has been used by chefs for a long time, but it has never been easier with the Anova. The sous vide circulates circulates a specific temperature of water around your food and the food cooks in its own juices. Great for rehydrating meats and veggies!

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Urban Survival And Preparing Mentally To Stay Safe In Your Car During SHTF

Think about just how much time you spend either in your cars and truck or away from home with your auto (like at work, shopping, checking out friends, etc.) and afterwards ask yourself how much time could you manage with just things you keep in the trunk? The truth is that Americans invest less and less time in their houses, which is where they keep every one of their supplies that they would require in situation of a disaster.

Our Nation’s Vulnerability To Terrorist Attacks

Is our electric power grid susceptible to terrorist strikes that can trigger extensive blackouts throughout the whole country for weeks or even months. The National Research Study Council (NRC) launched a record that state’s yes, we are! Currently just how do we get ready for such a disaster of this magnitude?

My Quest For Urban Survival

The tale that started me on my course to being prepared. Why I’m now ready for anything.

How Do I Start to Stockpile Food for an Economic Collapse?

The initial rule of stockpiling food is to simply start. The problem that many people have is that they start as well as obtain overwhelmed right away by all the inquiries. A few of the inquiries are legitimate, yet the issue is that over evaluation can result in paralysis.

Are You Prepared to Survive an Economic Collapse?

As a Prepping expert, I am expected to be able to assess individuals’s level of readiness for all kind of emergency situations as well as calamities. However, one of the most likely crisis that anybody will deal with is a financial collapse in America, which will create hyperinflation and afterwards civil agitation. Why do not you take a minute as well as ask yourself the following inquiries to figure out just how ready you are for a disaster that drinks the nation, and even your city or region, to its extremely core.

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