HARVESTRIGHT Large Freeze Dryer Review, Unboxing and Problems

I just purchased my 3rd Harvestright Freeze Dryer! Why? Because I believe in their product and I love freeze drying. I figured since I have been doing this a few years now, I better have the biggest, baddest and newest freeze dryer that Harvestright makes, the LARGE FREEZE DRYER! I am doing an unboxing, a review and my problems. I go over the contents of what is included with purchase and point out something that might be the determining factor of whether you purchase a LARGE or a MEDIUM freeze dryer……and it might not be because of the price or the size. It might be the type of cord that it has. CONFUSED? Watch more to find out.

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Harvestright MEDIUM REVIEW video:

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HR Review after 3 years:

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