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Today, Brian and Terry are finally hooking up the water on the property. It’s not that complicated.

All it takes is to get the job done are these tools:
Some crimps — Brian and Terry used a 140 crimp tool by Zern in this video.
Tubing cutter
Flat bar
Plastic storage box

STEP 1: Put a continuous line running from the main until where it splits off to the house.

STEP 2: Use the crimp tool to loosen up the line. Turn it until it comes off. Save that fitting–you can use it elsewhere.

STEP 3: Wrap the pipe thread with some Teflon tape. Three wraps are a good choice. Wrap the tape in the same direction you would be turning it into the fitting. Pull the tape so it sinks down in the threads.

STEP 4: Screw the pipe thread back into the fitting. Pull the fitting with a crimp tool so you don’t overstress it. You wanna be careful with this or risk busting the pipe.

STEP 5: Get your pipe ready. Trim as necessary but don’t cut it too short.

STEP 6: Put the crimp on the line before you install it in the fitting.

STEP 7: Now that the line’s installed, run the crimp close to the end of the line near the fitting.

STEP 8: Get your crimp tool and tighten the crimp until the light turns on. Pull the line higher with your other hand to keep it stable. Or ask someone else to do it for you.

STEP 9: Turn the waterline to examine and make sure it’s not leaking. When the red dial on your meter turns, that means water is leaking. It’s a good idea to periodically check in on this for any leaks.

Stay tuned to see how Brian and Terry used the plastic storage container as a water junction box.

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