I’m Preparing for a MAJOR Disaster: Get Ready Now!

Recently there was a major winter storm that caused traffic chaos on parts of the east coast, specifically the I-95 in Virginia. People were stranded in their vehicles in some case for up to 48 hrs. I decided to simulate a vehicle breakdown in extremely cold conditions in order to test my winter survival gear. I spend the night out with my dogs in -35 (-50 with windchill factor) weather to test out the gear and my mental fortitude! Enjoy!


Ignik 1 Gallon propane tank

Mr Heater (Propane heater)

Bug Out Roll

SOL emergency Bivvy

Cooking Fuel

Benchmade Bugout

Fur Mitts

Inergy Flex Power system

Cooking system

Winter Coat/ Jacket


Winter Survival Kit

Truck Mods Part 1

Truck Mods Part 2

More Winter Survival Items

How to Release a Zip Tie

Would certainly you believe there go to least three means to escape a zip connection binding? Up until I began looking, I really did not recognize this. These tricks can be wonderful amusement. In the event you find on your own in the company of bad individuals, this information can save your life. Understanding this information might help you resist the impulse to stress in a harmful condition. And THIS can be just what you need to benefit from a possibility to run away.

Avoid Terrorist Kidnapping

During my time invested as an ahead air controller and also in safety solution we would certainly have day-to-day leading trick briefings at which time the speaker would certainly carry out some unique training. We would initially view what I described as a “spy movie”. These films were plainly taken in the area under the worse possible conditions and also included some really bad photography.

Planning For Various Disasters

It can commonly end up being frustrating when survivalists embark upon thinking about the vulnerabilities that can befall us. It becomes more and also much more intricate to properly organize for any kind of scenarios that we might come across whether its dirty bombs, solar produced EMP, plagues or economic collapse. Furthermore, it’s really tough to ensure that we are furnished for everything when one has limited sources offered to them.

The Survival Gorilla

Now you might have already taken the Undetectable Gorilla Examination that is floating around the net. This test was created to discover how observant individuals are for various other impacts after that what they were informed to look for. Throughout the Gorilla Test you have 2 groups that are passing a basketball from one to an additional.

Making Sure That Everyone is Protected and Safe

Enjoying those employees construct those high bridges are amazing with the manner in which they just walk like it is absolutely nothing along them footways and precisely the edges of the cabled locations as well as most of them hundreds upon numerous feet in the air and also so several are not affixed to anything at all that can maintain them risk-free from dropping or having points drop on them. Guaranteeing that every person is completely secure with on duty or appreciating everyday activities.

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