It Will be a Bad Day When This Happens

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In this video I do a breakdown of the coming cyberwar and provide a more in depth explanation to our most recent video that can be seen here. The first 12 hours of a global cyberattack

Nicole Peroth- This is how they tell me the world ends

Best Cybersecurity book -Amazon and New York times Bestseller

The Next Phase in Cyberwar podcast

CANADIAN PREPPERS STORE / Premium Survival/ Emergency Equipment

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Tips on Hiring a Contractor After a Flood Disaster

What kind of specialist do I require to repair my flooded residence? Contractors that focus on flooding mitigation are your best option. Learn what to anticipate in the flooding reconstruction process so you are much better prepared prior to employing help for your flood damages home repairs.

Common Sense Self-Defense Tips for Men

Often, even if you do not desire problem, problem locates you or a minimum of people attempt to drag you into problem. Well, this is undoubtedly usual amongst males.

Hyperinflation, Monetary Collapse of the Financial System – Be Prepared!

For years now, the world has been partying hugely, while drinking from the proverbial punch bowl of excellent times. Since the gold home window was nearby Head of state Nixon in 1971 governments have progressively relied upon budget deficit and stayed clear of any kind of genuine attempts to pay it back. As the saying goes “earlier or later on you have to pay the piper”. Sadly, the only forms of settlement that have actually ever been paid in the direction of every one of these public debts, has been with fiat money. Fundamentally, more borrowed money.

Food Ideas for Emergency Situations

I believe a whole lot of individuals like to think they ‘d understand what to do if the globe went to hell tomorrow. Yet, be truthful with yourself- do you actually recognize what it would certainly require to live, at the very least slightly easily, without the practical comforts that we consider given today?

Ghana Life: Migration To And From Nigeria

Africans have actually always prepared to move in search of much better lives and in the 1960s the fairly buoyant Ghanaian economic situation brought in lots of immigrants from other West African regions, most significantly from Nigeria. By 1970 there was a general feeling that the economic situation was being exploited by aliens that were strongly established in the trading industry as well as the government of Dr Kofi Busia was at some point persuaded to expel them summarily. In the mid-1970s, with the Ghanaian economic climate in major problem, the flow of migrants had actually turned around and Ghanaians were heading in multitudes to oil-rich Nigeria. By 1983 it was time for the Nigerians to take their retribution as well as approximately one million Ghanaians were offered 3 weeks in which to leave the country.

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