Jase Medical: Emergency Med Kit Review

In this video we review the Jase Medical “Emergency Med Kit” that has antibiotics to treat multiple ailments when you can’t get to a doctor or clinic.

Dr. Michael Fabian, from North Florida Surgeons, breaks down why we scored this product as follows …

1) Shipping time: 5/5
2) Packaging: sturdiness, appearance, ease of opening: 2/5
3) Website description/accuracy: 10/10
4) Product appearance/aesthetics: 7/10
5) Easy to understand instructions: 9/10
6) Ease of use: N/A
7) Warranty coverage: N/A
8) Overall quality & value: 8/10
9) Product support & customer service: 15/15
10) American made 15, NATO ally 7, all others 0: 15/15

Sub-total: 71/80

Final score: 8.9/10

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NOTE: We use the same criteria for all reviews so scores/results are relative to each other when comparing products. We show extreme prejudice in favoring American made products.


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