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Do you know what sucks? Working in the field and realizing your blade is dull. In this video, Brian and Terry discuss sharpening tools in the field using the Lansky Puck. It’s extremely versatile and easy to use. Watch now to see it in action!

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IV Warmers and Rapid Infusion: A Necessary Combination for Safe Fluid Administration

Clinical specialists occasionally integrate IV warmers when providing substances via an intravenous (IV) tube. This process can be referred to as rapid infusion, as long as the material being offered is not blood. If the compound administered in this style is blood, then it is called a transfusion.

IV Warmers for Hospitals: A Significant Piece of Medical Equipment

The management of intravenous (IV) liquids is a process which should be done in the shortest time feasible. Specialists both in the field and also in medical facilities are frequently pressed for time throughout initial therapy. Every 2nd matters to boost the survival rate of individuals obtaining first aid.

Portable IV Warmers: Tips for Equipment Purchasing

Portable tools enable emergency situation and also healthcare facility workers to offer improved care to clients. When liquids have to be given during treatment, they are provided via an IV or intravenous tube. Warmers raise the temperature to offer liquids close or equivalent to inner body temperature level.

Ambulance IV Warmers: Increasing Initial Patient Care

An ambulance is one of several techniques for moving hurt people to a clinical facility. It might be utilized at the scene of an accident, a fire, or to move individuals between medical therapy areas. These lorries are essential for supplying immediate care in numerous circumstances.

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