Leatherman Wave Multi Tool Review – The Best EDC Tool Ever Made?!

The Leatherman Wave is by far the best multi-tool for the price in our opinion. For less than $100 you can get the wave and the bit kit.
We really like the one hand access to the outside knives, saw and file. The quality is great on the wave and with a belt clip, this is an easy to carry, do it all multi tool.

After carrying the Wave for 40 months, we are still happy to report this is still our favorite Multitool.(keep in mind, there are other awesome tools out there as well some people prefer over the wave).

5 Reasons the Wave is still our favorite:

1. Price for the amount of features. For the included features, quality and accessories, this is a tough one to beat.
2. 4x Outside access tools (blade, serrated blade, saw and file)
3. The leatherman name. Leatherman is known for quality.
4. The optional bit kit. For less than $20, your Multitool becomes a small toolbox!
5. The micro screwdriver! This allows you to fix computers, glasses an anything else with a tiny screw!

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