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Today, Jason simulates an accidental submersion in the water while fully clothed, using his pants as a life preserver.

Before you start pulling on your pants, the first thing you have to do is to kick off and get rid of your shoes. Losing your shirt will reduce weight and make things easier.

How to Turn Your Pants Into a Life Preserver:

STEP 1: Take off your pants.

STEP 2: Take the ends of your pant legs and tie them together in a square knot.

This is easier said than done while swimming. But the easiest thing to do is to hold your breath and let your head go underwater a little bit while you tie the knot. This seems to work the best as opposed to trying to do with your head above water.

STEP 3: Now that you’ve tied your pants together, figure out a way to get some air in your pants.

STEP 4: Put your head through the hole and just hold the waist together. Now you can float and relax for a minute.

What Material to Use:

This technique does work, but your pant material will significantly influence the life preserver’s success.

• Quick Drying Pants — lightweight made of nylon-like materials. These pants dry out fast and DON’T WORK because the air comes out quickly.

• Cotton Pants — the cotton swells up when it absorbs the water. It seals up a little bit better, so it’s a better material to use.

Techniques to Blow Air into Your Pants:

• One way to do this is to button and zip them up. Take it behind you like then splash it over your head. This gets a bit of aerial action that works. This should inflate your pants a bit.

• Hold your breath and go underwater. Blow air literally into the pants, open the waist up. It’s like inflating a balloon.

• Put the pants around your neck. Then open up the waist and splash some water into the pants pushing air into the pants. This will make you buoyant again.

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