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In this episode, Jason homeschools his son Elijah on survival tips and other life lessons.

1.) Sharpen your field knife properly.

Elijah has his own Glock field knife as a gift from Alan Kay. When sharpening it, you don’t want to go too steep because that’ll make it dull. But, on the other hand, you also don’t want to go too shallow because you won’t be sharpening it.

If you want to find the right angle, you want to match the grind of the blade. You don’t want to change it.

2.)Store your knife correctly when not in use.

Where does your knife go when we’re not using it? Do you walk around with it open and out of the sheath? Certainly not. Keep in your person or a sling pack.

Elijah has an inexpensive one from Roaring Fire Gear, which seems to fit the bill as it holds all the things he needs to spend a couple of nights in the woods.

3.)Keep snacks in your sling bag or person.

In the front pouch of the sling bang, there are snacks. This can be some Clif bars, little candies, mixed nuts, and similar ready-to-go food. These kinds of food don’t require any cooking. You can just dig in there and grab it for a snack or in emergencies.

4.) Keep a flashlight around your neck.

This can be just a small flashlight that you tie in a lanyard and place around your neck. However, it’s nice to have one with a strobe feature to help signal for help if you need it. It also acts as a glowing lantern if you wear this around your neck since it’ll give you some red or warm light.

5.) Choose your multi-tools wisely.

You can’t fit everything in a sling pack. But pliers and some rope paracord are basics. It’s a robust rope you can use to make yourself a shelter or set up some traps for food. It’scan’tit’ll

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