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If you carry a little bit of kit, you can minimize your suffering substantially.

Jason opens the episode with what it’s like to spend a night out in the woods with just his very minimal kit. The absolute minimum kit that you could spend a relatively comfortable evening out here in the woods would be comfortable by most people’s standards.

You need to have a lighter in a watertight exotec sleeve that keeps it functioning even if you were to drop it completely into the water. Pack some cordage to rig up some sort of shelter, most likely. For example, Jason could put 50 feet of it in his water bottle very easily with room to spare.

The little tie outs on trash bags turn it into little decorative awning flaps. But basically what you get is something to keep any rain that should be falling down off of you. In the winter, you would want something pretty substantial to insulate me from the cold ground, so you could forage for white pine, on top of the trash bag roof.

Your next problem is looking for a water source. Before going to bed, head down to the creek and fill up my water bottles. When it rains, the creek water has a lot of sediment in it, so you might want to do some sort of pre-filter aka heating your water.

Ferro rods are nice because you can get them wet and they work immediately, but a lighter will even after getting wet, so it’s really not that big a deal. The other thing that James likes about using a lighter over a ferro rod is that you can skip the tender phase of fire prep.

When you boil water in a water bottle, how do you get it out of the fire without putting it out? You can put a stick down in that water bottle and make it kind of like a gorge hook. Then you just have to lodge it sideways in the neck of the bottle. Be careful not to dump it on yourself.

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