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If you plan on building your own homestead, there are some tools you definitely need. In this video, Alan Kay goes over his top five homesteading tools. Tune in to see what you’ll use the most!

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Know the Three Layer System for Your Emergency Winter Survival Gear

The most basic need in facing the harsh problems of the outdoors, specifically during wintertime, appertains clothing. Clothing up appropriately for all the predicted problems is your first line of support when considering your safety. Have you become aware of the “three layer system”? This is a prominent term for individuals that are seriously right into severe outside tasks like winter months hiking and climbing. But also if you are not right into these points, it is still best to be mindful regarding when or if ever a scenario or an emergency situation develops, you will recognize just how to be shielded in the winter months cold. As you go with the remainder of this post, you will certainly locate out the types of garments you require for your emergency winter season survival equipment.

Backup Food Storage – A Key Element to Emergency Preparedness

I would like people to have a basic understanding of just how delicate the food supply system is as well as see the significance of placing an emergency situation backup food storage space system in position. I believe an audio backup food storage space plan is important as well as second just to water, as one of the most important component of a comprehensive emergency situation preparedness technique. Maybe a critical part in the future.

First Aid Tips in the Wilderness With the Use of a First Aid Kit

Accidents occur regularly. They take place almost everywhere, to everyone.

Being Ready For Emergency Situations And Life Changing Threats

Emergency situation circumstances are incredibly unpredictable. Throughout emergency situation cases, not just buildings however also the lives of lots of people are at stake.

We Need a Micro Air Vehicle “MAV” Warning Flare System

It is amazing all these little unmanned airborne lorries, especially the small ones called mini air lorries (MAVs) which have appeared recently. It seems every time an entrepreneur or somebody in the marketplace uncovers a need, this technology quickly breakthroughs, as these little flying devices can resolve an issue. Up up until currently the majority of these MAVs have actually been remote controlled design airplanes, or strictly used for military surveillance, for the soldiers.

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