Off Grid Cabin in the Woods….early summer trip

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Today we’re driving into our off grid cabin for the first time this summer……while most of the country is in summer right now, here in the Lake Superior area there is still patches of snow.

Federal Budget Cuts and the Swine Flu Problem

There is no getting around the idea that our economic climate is harming badly. Not only are the regular homes trying to reduce expenses and also balance their budgets yet the federal government is actively seeking methods to cut their expenses also. Numerous federally funded programs are on the verge of shedding all or a few of their urgently required financing as our federal government attempts seriously to sort out this economic nightmare

Show Some Spine in 2009 – Make That Survival Plan While There is Still Time

As Americans we are naturally optimistic, and also yet, that is not constantly wise when it comes to having a household survival plan. As an example, recently the Swine Flu breakout in Mexico City shut that city down totally, a city of 20 million plus people quit dead in its tracks. A state of emergency of legendary percentages; these Swine Influenza situations additionally started turning up in the United States, however fortunately there were not the huge scale fatalities as there were in Mexico City.

Surviving Swine Flu Pandemic

Apparently, the Swine Influenza Breakout of Springtime 2009 did not the good news is develop into the terrible pandemic that was predicted, yet it can have, and thus, probably this was an examination. Thankfully, the outbreak took place in the Spring rather than flu period, however had it occurred in fall or winter the outcomes would have been far worse and possibly it might have actually removed and eliminated 100,000 s of people or more.

Hotels Can Become Hospitals For Mass Casualties

On 4/24/2009 I released a post regarding actions the military would certainly have to absorb the event the United States was struck with nuclear tools. I said, to name a few points, that the armed force would have to take resorts as well as convert them right into makeshift hospitals. This declaration generated considerable interest for visitors.

How and What to Prepare in a DIY Flood-Survival Kit

Really few natural calamities can bring even more desolation as well as waste than floods, which have the ability of cutting off your food and water supply, and deny you of shelter and also electricity. Floodings occur in several areas of the country and also if you stay in a flood-prone location, you have to protect your household by preparing a well-supplied flood survival package.

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