One Dollar Survival Kit.

How much of a survival kit can one dollar buy? Well, quite a lot! In this video I take a 97 cent (fire steel /whistle/striker) combo and modify it a little bit to get all the performance you could hope to get out of such a CHEAP, yet USEFUL tool!

Should I Own A Gun?

Weapon possession should never be taken gently. The author clarifies why he does not possess a weapon, even difficult he’s a weapon supporter. A really important non-gun protection option is additionally briefly discussed.

What Is An EMP?

EMP stands for Elecromagnetic Pulse and also it’s not as not likely as you may believe. A little awareness concerning the ramifications of an EMP and also some preparation ahead of time might make a world of difference to you and also your liked ones … perhaps even save lives.

Important Safety Tips About Proper Fire Extinguisher Usage

Among the extremely important things you need to do to safeguard on your own, your family members and the individuals around you is to guarantee fire safety and security. Continuing top of fire security will saves lives and properties. In business, it also implies you’re fulfilling your task of keeping personnel as well as site visitors safe.

How To Survive an EMP Attack – Top 5 Things You Must Do Now

Making it through an EMP assault or a natural disaster like a quake takes advance prep work. This article supplies basic tips any person can require to begin the process towards disaster preparedness.

Urgency In an Emergency Situation Is A Critical Success Factor

In a calamity circumstance, the role of the alleviation vendor comes to be significant. The article would shed light on the worth that shelters give the alleviation initiatives. The essence of this short article is to carefully keep an eye on just how prone displaced individuals can be provided blessed shelter solutions.

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