Overlooked Tools for SHTF Homesteads | Bear Independent

Bear with Bear Independent discusses often overlooked homestead tools that you’re sure to need. In addition to basic tools like an axe, shovel, and screw drivers, there are a variety of other tools you should have for homesteading as Bear shows you in this video.

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Understanding Fluid Warming Guidelines for Proper Combat Medical Care

IV warmers are utilized by combat paramedics to provide blood and also medicine to seriously or seriously hurt soldiers. Identifying fluid warming guidelines is the most efficient means to select medical tools designed to save lives in extremely delicate or aggressive atmospheres. Tactical Battle Casualty Care and Unique Workflow Forces Because of an overwhelming quantity of loss on the field of battle before a hospital stay, resuscitation as well as hypothermia prevention criteria offered by the TCCC (Tactical Battle Casualty Care Curriculum) and SOF (Special Workflow Pressures) TTPs (Tactical Injury Protocols) are strictly complied with to make certain the safety and security of armed forces soldiers, and also to maintain the lives …

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