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Jason Salyer, joined by Greg, review the safety and survival gear they packed for their paddleboard adventure. Greg highlights his 12GA flare gun as well as the strategy and goal for its use. His kit also includes a signal mirror and whistle. Jason runs through his paddleboard EDC which includes a Garmin GPS, Onyx Manual Inflate Life Preserver, compass, lighter, Leatherman Wave multitool, local chart/map, SOL Bivvy bag, metal water bottle, tourniquet, clear trash bag, frog gig, a small amount of Gorilla tape, signal mirror, and a small sewing kit. They also packed a well-equipped first aid kit, their cell phones, and a Baofeng radio. Stay tuned for more content from Jason Paddleboard Adventure!

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Survival Techniques

There are lots of situations which can be encountered that demand standard methods and survival gear to obtain via the difficulties of unforeseen occurrences. In this short article are the strategies which one ought to master to make it through in any type of hazardous circumstance. Among the fundamental survival skills is developing a fire.

Importance of First Aid Certification and Its Application

A number of business, personal institutions and also government universities offer initial aid certification training courses. There are a variety of options to select from and it is necessary to do the best training course. If you’re unclear concerning which accreditation to choose, you need to think about very first help programs that comply with the standards of Red Cross, Wellness and also Person Solutions, American Heart Association, Occupational safety and also Health Administration.

Food Storage For Survival

The USA Government increased their stockpile of emergency food supply from 6 million dishes to over 400 million dishes. Do they know something? Should we be paying attention? The actions to assist you start your emergency situation food supply.

How to Survive a Wildfire

This summer, wildfires have actually consumed our country like never before. Nearly 7 million acres across the USA have actually shed down, a number that breaks 2006’s previous document, according to the National Interagency Fire Facility.

2012 Emergency and Disaster Survival Tips and List – Develop a Plan and Be Prepared!

Even more individuals than ever are taking activity to plan and plan for a feasible future emergency situation or the natural calamities that may arise in their community, our country and even the globe. They may call themselves Preppers or Survivalists and several have their shelters and Insect Out Bags (BOB) ready or they may simply be people that recognize that having an emergency situation strategy as well as materials “just in situation,” is an actually wise and truly good idea to do! Whatever the inspiration, those individuals are an action in advance of a lot of the rest, since in every community of every state, there is a chance that an unexpected emergency or all-natural calamity might happen at any minute!

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