Principles of Trapping and the Spring Pole Snare

Flintlock II tickets are available now:

This video is from the first annual skills gathering for my school (Flint & Steel Critical Skills Group) called “Flintlock”, which was hosted at Georgia Bushcraft in the Spring of 2018.

Flintlock II is being held May 17-19, 2019 in Northwest Missouri/Southwest Arkansas. Save the date and come out to train with us!

I’m Joshua Enyart, former Army Ranger, and Green Beret. Today, I’m an Instructor for Flint & Steel Critical Skills Group and the Pathfinder School. To see my upcoming courses and in-person training, visit:

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Emergency Preparedness With a Special Needs Child

Every moms and dad with an elementary schooler has actually heard their child gotten home at some time with something to state regarding emergency situation readiness; it’s a common sufficient style in colleges today. Yet what can you do in an emergency if your kid isn’t with the ability of taking care of themselves– a lot less moving out of a space by themselves? ‘Preparedness’ takes on an entire brand-new definition …

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Natural catastrophes that can happen consist of the following: quakes, dry spells, floods, landslides, tsunami, twisters, severe warm, volcanoes, as well as wildfires. These calamities can occur anywhere in the globe. Although we have no control over these calamities, we can prepare as well as prepare for them to decrease their impact or damages.

What Type of Manmade Disasters Can Happen?

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