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Survival is all about being prepared. In this episode, Jason shares a few tips to ensure that you are always ready, based on his own experiences.

Tips for Beginner Preppers:

1. Never get your tank below a quarter full.

If you want to be prepared for fuel shortages that may come (and will almost certainly come again), you need to make sure that you have your tank filled up as much as possible. So if it gets near that quarter tank, just pretend that quarter tank is empty, and you’ll never be without it.

Most cars have a 16-gallon tank, and if you do the math, a quarter could go quickly 100 miles. That’s a pretty significant distance–enough to get you out of a jam from most congested areas unless it’s gridlocked or a similar scenario.

2. Keep a “hammer” with some spare “nails” on your bedside.

If you have some children, take extra precautions in your household that you think is appropriate. But this tool comes in handy when you hear a sketchy bump at night.

Keep a hammer with a very bright mounted light just in case it’s dark. You can’t hit what you can’t see, so it’s tough to drive nails in the dark. *wink, wink*

3. Keep your pants loaded.

Jason wears the same pants multiple days in a row, which most of you guys already do out there. So don’t empty your pockets at the end of each day. Instead, keep everything in your pockets, including your standard everyday carry.

If you want to see how an everyday carry looks, we have a previous video on that. This includes fire-starting tools and a signaling mirror.

So if there was that bump in the night, you can hop out of bed and quickly slip your pants on to investigate. Having slip-on shoes that don’t need socks allows you to dress speedily and ready-to-go sooner.

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