Refitting a Heirloom Splitting Axe | ON Three

Got an axe? Good! Jason Salyer shows you how to refit your axe with a new handle. Don’t worry. You don’t have to cut down a tree to fashion your own handle. You can pick one up at the hardware store just like Jason did. Then, follow these steps so you’ll have your axe back in action!

Check out more from Jason Salyer on his YouTube channel!

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Tips for Risk Minimizing During Hiking and Backpacking

While numerous tv programs and also survival guides have actually devoted many hours describing to outdoorsman as well as survivalists what do in the occasion of an emergency situation or unforeseen survival circumstance. Many professionals usually neglect to concentrate on one of the most vital aspect of any type of survival circumstance: prevention.

How To Survive In The Wilderness – Dealing With Non-Venomous Insects And Bites

Also the smallest of animals can turn a wondrous trip into among discomfort or torment. Knowing exactly how to endure in the wilderness includes managing those small critters. Considering that lots of bugs strike or feed on the skin and blood of our bodies, there are some preventative measures that can be taken. The following are strategies to eliminate some of those parasites as well as therapies to take care of the ones that bite you.

Avalanche Beacon Test

When you plan for your wilderness snow experience your Avalanche Sign needs to be evaluated. In order to do a good test get your buddies as well as companions with each other making use of different beacons. Inspect Array, antenna and battery terminals. Practice utilizing them as well as exercise some even more to ensure you prepare.

How Pepper Sprays Protect You From Bear Attacks

If you love the outdoors as well as usually go treking in the timbers, it is inescapable that at one factor or an additional, you will certainly cross courses with a bear. While these animals look extremely cute, they can be strong and also are completely efficient in attacking and eliminating people. You can always run for your life, yet possibilities are, the bear will be able to capture up.

Earthquake Kits – Amazing Pre-Made Disaster Kits

There are some unpreventable happenings that take place in this world. Some are also beyond the control of human hands. One of these scenarios is earthquakes. You do not recognize when the grounds will shake. Every individual is at risk each and every single time a quake happens, many especially due to the fact that you can not forecast how much time and also strong it is mosting likely to be. Given this, it is always a must to be prepared. You need to be prepared for the time that it happens as well as the time after it does.

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