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How to Help Before Help Arrives

When you locate someone harmed, it is necessary to comply with the ABC’s of very first aid in order to evaluate the situation as promptly as feasible. Always call 911 or have somebody telephone call 911 while you are assessing the circumstance.

Everyone Can Be a Hero

Emergencies take place at any time, any place. Those that learn as well as prepared ended up being heroes. Those that are not, ended up being victims. Develop a culture of preparedness as well as make heroes out of everyone.

EMS A-Z Series – “T” Taking Time – EMS Style

Time is such a staple in EMS. Assume about it, almost whatever we do entails some kind of time relevant measurement or time stamp.

EMS A-Z Series – “S” Safety – Enough Said?

Remaining in the EMS for some time I have seen numerous a colleague as well as listened to much more stories of service providers becoming wounded while functioning. The injuries suffered are generally back, shoulder or knees.

Do You Have an Emergency Plan For Your Family?

Current surveys indicate that upwards of 40% of the North American population now have some kind of “survivalist” mindset. It appears to vary from those that are getting “that funny feeling” to those who are taking Suv Survival very seriously.

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