Scavenging Food | Machete Survival Series | ON Three

Jason Salyer continues his Machete Survival Series on the search for food. With rocks, charcoal, tinder, grapevine, and his machete, he collects more water, builds a fire, and steams and eats a crawfish.

Check out more from Jason Salyer on his YouTube channel!

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Four Kinds of Survival Gear That Can Prepare You for a Worst Case Scenario

In stormy times, the future doesn’t appear as clear as it when was. Some individuals might be worried that a disaster that brings about the end of culture may occur eventually. Those beliefs might not be absolutely unfounded.

Tips in the Proper Care and Maintenance of Taser Guns

Possessing a self protection device is a common scenario nowadays due to the rising situations of criminality and also crimes. Majority of people choose to possess self protection gadgets to secure themselves and their families from harm. However, as accountable owner of these tools, it is your task to take care of them to preserve its correct functioning.

Working Mechanics of Taser Guns

Presently, it is typical to see people bringing tasers in addition to them anywhere they go to shield themselves from criminals. Besides stun weapon and pepper spray, taser gun is just one of the favored self-defense devices of both young and also adult alike since it is efficient as well as can also be utilized as a stun gun.

Do’s and Don’ts in Taser Gun Use

Even though taser weapons are made to offer you protection and also to maintain you risk-free from criminals, there are measures on how to utilize of the device appropriately. With the countless acts of criminality occurring daily, everyone did their share to discover ways to safeguard themselves.

Gauging Technology in a Crisis

Gauging the effectiveness of technology throughout emergency events is crucial to improving a safety and security plan. Discover out why lots of usual technology-based systems may not be as reliable as you think.

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