Do you ever feel like your house is full of fog when you are freeze drying? Does your Harvest Right Premier Vacuum pump feel more like a fog machine than a vacuum pump? I’m going to show you how this problem can be solved…..or at least helped. We are going to remove, disassemble and clean the demister on the premier vacuum pump and reduce or stop the amount of water vapor it puts into the air. There are several things that you may not have known how to do to significantly reduce the amount of FOG, SMOKE, VAPOR etc. in the air.

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Carry a Pepper Spray Keychain For Self Defense

If you are concerned concerning your security and are seeking a non-lethal individual defense item that you can easily bring, a keychain pepper spray may be the right item for you. Pepper Spray (Oleoresin Capsicum or OC) is a derivative of hot red cayenne peppers and also is the latest defensive spray agent. It is not an irritant like tear gas or mace, yet an inflammatory agent.

Safety From Fire With Heat Resistant Material

From the day fire was discovered by guy’ the next thing to consider, could have been security from it. A great deal of research study has actually been done to locate products which are risk-free from fire. As a result of this extensive research study a number of fire resistant as well as fire retardant garments have actually been created. The warm immune material does not capture fire at all however the heat retardant material may catch fire however it will certainly hamper the fire in the procedure.

Freeze Dried Meals and MRE Shelf Life – Does This Make a Good Survival Food?

When individuals think about long term food storage space, they normally think about points like freeze dried dishes. While these do have their place there are some downsides and some much better choices to consider.

Surviving Urban Disasters – Do You Know What to Do If the Worst Happens?

Urban catastrophes are really real and happen to individuals each year someplace worldwide. Being planned for these catastrophes is necessary to you as well as your family members’s security. Start discovering what could be needed to start preparing.

A Fast and Easy Way to Start a Fire Without Matches For Survival, And Be Able to Read Better As Well

The Fresnel lens is a level bank card sized magnifier which is specifically handy because it is small sufficient to fit in a purse, bag or fanny pack survival package. The ease of beginning a fire with a Fresnel lens card magnifier is comparable to using a regular magnifying glass, it just much smaller. The credit scores card size Fresnel Lens Fire Starter is a great back up fire starter and will fit practically anywhere. It is tiny, flat, light and affordable as well as evaluates less than a quarter of an ounce as well as you can read fine print with it if you neglect your glasses.

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