Starting a Fire with Wet Wood | On Three

In a situation where you NEED a fire, you can’t depend on optimal weather. With the right skills, a roaring fire can be built with sopping wet wood. Today, Jason shows us the “easy” way to make a fire with wet wood!

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Start a Fire Without Matches – One Approach

I once needed to start a fire in a remote undeveloped location without suits. There was a demand for warm to remain warm and also cook a dish, so not having a fire had not been an option.

Our Water Supply – Essential to Self Reliance and Emergency Preparedness

Recent events have actually driven house the point that water is necessary to our every day life. I always knew that it was essential, however there is nothing like a healthy dosage of fact to make a real believer out of those people who have actually taken it for granted.

Fire Safety: The Best and Safest Way Is to Prevent It From Happening

Data reveal that almost all of fire deaths and also injuries happen in the house. Still the very best fire safety plan is to avoid it from taking place in the initial area. Without a correct strategy in position that prepares to be implemented when a fire bursts out, you may be placing the lives of your family at threat.

Are You Prepared For A Natural Disaster? Make A Plan, Get Prepared Now

It is difficult for anybody in the United States today to not know the natural and man-made calamities taking place around the world. These disasters occur right below in the United States too. Approved, if you have not seasoned surviving one of these disasters yourself, it’s easy to assume they just take place to other individuals. I question the number of people in New Orleans, thought they would never have to survive a significant catastrophe.

Prepare for the Unexpected

I bear in mind when I was a kid in Junior high. My Mommy was available in my room and also woke me up at like 5 AM one day. She informed me a train had thwarted in the little town where we lived and also some major chemical had spilled. The entire community had been evacuated and also there would certainly be no school that day. At the time, we really did not understand exactly how negative things really were. As well as, because I was just a kid that was much more concerned with riding my bike than the security of others, I really didn’t pay much focus.

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