Survival Dispatch News 12-29-22: Blizzard Tragedy In NY

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Desperate last messages of student nurse, 22 – who died after being trapped for 18 hours in her car during Buffalo snow storm – are revealed by her heartbroken sister.

Anndel Taylor, 22, repeatedly reassured her family help was on the way
But she was getting nervous and considered walking after being stranded for eight hours.

She told her siblings she was on hold to authorities while stuck in her car
But even police who tried to rescue her got caught in the blizzard on Friday night.

Ms Taylor’s body was found by a passerby on Christmas Eve, family said
The death toll for the “blizzard of the century” now stands at at least 70 people.

This tragic situation is a horrible reminder of how important it is to have an emergency kit in your vehicle at all times.

Here are some basic items we recommend …

– Some sort of battery powered charger for your phone
– Mylar shock blanket or other type of blanket
– A card with your emergency contacts listed
– Water and non-perishable snacks
– Fix-A-Flat Can or air compressor
– Flashlight and batteries
– Tire pressure gauge
– Portable toolkit
– Jumper cables
– Road flares
– First-aid kit
– Cable ties
– Duct tape
– Gloves

Additional winter weather items for our friends up north:
– Hand warmers
– Ice Scraper
– Beanie
– Shovel

Help the family with funeral and travel expenses. Anndel Taylor GOFUNDME …

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