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Hunting & Gathering: How Survivalists Can Plan To Live off the Land

As the years go by, we hear more about the dangers of eating the food sold at the store. Many products are pushed close to or past their expiration date,…

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Growing natural cleaners and using them in your home

My wife is one of those people obsessed with cleanliness, and she wants everything inside our home to be clean and spotless. After a few years of using so many…

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Cast iron cookware requirements for the outdoor and homestead kitchen

Cooking is one of the activities I enjoy doing, regardless if I’m at home or camping in the wilderness. After years of experimenting with various methods of cooking and improvising…

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How to organize a seed swap and exchange seeds within the community

Seed saving is a valuable skill for preppers and gardeners, and it helps us keep our gardens thriving no matter what the future may throw at us. However, saving and…

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Putting earthworms to work in your garden for healthy and productive plants

Worms are the unknown heroes of traditional agriculture, and they have made the soil of many gardens fertile with their hard work. These small crawlers will do the same for…

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How your food can kill you during a disaster

Being preppers and survivalists, we know that food is and will always be one of our main concerns in our quest to survive whatever the uncertain future throws at us….

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Living in a World of Ongoing Food Shortages

The subject of mass food shortages has always been a popular one amongst the prepping community. Regardless of the stated reason for the concern, many a writer has shared their…

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A Few Basic Livestock Vetting Needs for Homesteaders

If you own livestock, you should learn how to administer routine vaccinations and various shots and how to administer different medicines. Experienced livestock owners will have no problem handling such…

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VIDEO: Queen Anne’s Lace versus Hemlock: What You Need to Know

In this video, Jason’s out and about and talks a bit about plants that look alike but with wildly different effects on you if you were to consume them The…

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The Best Holistic Plants To Add To Your Garden

Though some remain skeptical of holistic medicine, for centuries, various cultures and people have successfully used plants to improve their health and heal their bodies. Of course, modern medicine is…