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Living in a World of Ongoing Food Shortages

The subject of mass food shortages has always been a popular one amongst the prepping community. Regardless of the stated reason for the concern, many a writer has shared their…

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A Few Basic Livestock Vetting Needs for Homesteaders

If you own livestock, you should learn how to administer routine vaccinations and various shots and how to administer different medicines. Experienced livestock owners will have no problem handling such…

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VIDEO: Queen Anne’s Lace versus Hemlock: What You Need to Know

In this video, Jason’s out and about and talks a bit about plants that look alike but with wildly different effects on you if you were to consume them The…

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The Best Holistic Plants To Add To Your Garden

Though some remain skeptical of holistic medicine, for centuries, various cultures and people have successfully used plants to improve their health and heal their bodies. Of course, modern medicine is…

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10 Kitchen Items You Need In Order to Cook Emergency Food

To make your kitchen life more accessible and organized, you need to buy and arrange every important kitchen item in your cupboard. Kitchen items come with trendy, sleek, and exciting…

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Survival Gardening for Apartment Dwellers

There’s a tendency to write about urban survival from the viewpoint of living in a house in suburbia. Some of that is probably due to many of us who write…

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How To Transform Your Garden Shed To Grow Your Own Food

You may have found some quality shed blueprints from sites like and built a lovely garden shed. But your shed does not just need to be a place for storing gardening…

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How-To Make Three Primitive Weapons

Awaken Your Inner Caveman with Three Primeval Projects Whether they look like they came out of the movies First Blood and The Hunted, or more like something you may have seen in a…

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Mushroom Foraging: Tips and Recommendations

I find myself engaging in conversation in various social circles, I often bring up the topic of foraging and eating wild plants and how this survival skill is being forgotten….

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Long Live the Farmers – Survivopedia

Across Europe, there is a cold war brewing that most Americans have failed to either take an interest in or understand the importance of. Starting in the Netherlands, farm owners,…