Survival Gear: The Best Power Stations & Power Banks For Preppers

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In this video we review the best power stations and power banks (in six categories) that have been sent to us over the past few months. We put each power station under load so you can see what they can run in real world applications.

We weren’t compensated by the vendors to publish this video, or the accompanying review on our website with our impressions and more details …

00:42 mark: Shargeek Storm² Power Bank
Small form factor power bank (100W class)
Storm², 25600mAh capacity
► Get it here:

01:59 mark: Crave PowerPack
Medium form factor power bank (100W class)
Crave PowerPack, 50,000mAh capacity
► Get it here:

03:08 mark: EcoFlow RIVER 2 Power Station
Small portable power station (300W class)
EcoFlow RIVER 2, 256Wa capacity
► Get it here:

09:31 mark: Bluetti EB3A Power Station
Small portable power station (600W class)
Bluetti EB3A, 268Wh capacity
► Get it here:

13:55 mark: OUPES 1200 Power Station
Medium portable power station (1,200W class)
OUPES 1200, 992Wh capacity
► Get it here:

21:19 mark: BioLite BaseCharge 1500
Medium portable power station (1,500W class)
BioLite BaseCharge 1500, 1,521Wh capacity
► Get it here:


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