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Four Super-Fast Survival Shelters When Life Leaves You Stranded

You can use a tarp to build simple yet highly effective survival shelters with limited effort. When lost, stranded, or injured in the outdoors, adequate survival shelter is of the…

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Preparing Your Body For Survival Situations

Don’t just depend on going to the gym and working out. Do some actual physical labor to train your body for survival situations. I live in an area with one…

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Crucial Tips For Surviving A Forest Fire

The reality of surviving a forest fire is much worse than hearing of it from a distance. The tragic forest fires that have struck California are one more reminder of…

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8 Obvious-But-Overlooked Ways Our Grandparents Survived Tough Times

Overlooked Ways Our Grandparents Survived Tough Times Hard times are nothing new. They have come and gone throughout the centuries, and people have dealt with difficulties as best they can….

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Using Your RV As A Bug Out Vehicle For Survival – Can It Really Work?

An RV can make a great bug out vehicle because you have your survival shelter with you wherever you go. I spent nine years of my life living and traveling in…

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The Simple Way To Start A Fire In The Snow Off The Grid News

starting a fire Wintertime is the hardest time to survive. A combination of the weather and the lack of readily available food have caused many a hearty soul to lose…

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Winter Foraging – 8 Survival Foods You Can Forage In The Dead Of Winter

8 Survival Foods For Winter Foraging I’ve instructed a number of field classes on foraging for wild foods and have written about it quite a bit, too. The classes always…

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Protecting Your Family By Bugging In Or Bugging Out? –

Protecting your family in times of crisis is most likely at the top of every ones list. During a serious threat or disaster, all of your prepping and preparedness will…

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Overlooked Repair Parts That Smart Preppers Stockpile

Survival Gear Once someone starts upon the road of preparedness, it seems never to end. The idea of actually having enough to get through any crisis may be something we…

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Stuff You’ll Need To Survive A Winter Power Outage

An ice storm is a good indicator of a winter power outage. It’s a simple fact. Power outages happen. Any outage always presents challenges, but a winter power outage presents…