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VIDEO: Finding North with an Ant Hill

Tyler White is one of those rare creators of online survival content who is amply qualified. Growing up on a ranch, Tyler learned about homesteading and preparedness as a way…

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Living in a World Without Petroleum

Everyone has been watching the price of gasoline, seeing it climb to over four dollars per gallon and then slowly coming back down. The White House has been spinning the…

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Tips on Survival Woodcutting – Survivopedia

Woodworking is my hobby, so I’m fascinated by all things wood. Long ago, I realized the value of this in survival, as in pretty much any survival situation, we’re going…

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VIDEO: Primitive Skills and Why You Should Learn Them

While modern day survival can be all high-tech gadgets and cutting edge hardware for the issues you may have, Jason’s here to make a case for primitive skills that could…

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Trapping Part 3: Water and Sky

Disclaimer Before we get started, let it be known that any trapping of live animals outside the rules and regulations outlined by local laws is illegal and can result in…

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Surviving in the Aftermath of a Nuclear War

Here in the prepping community, we’re accustomed to talking about EMP as a TEOTWAWKI event, perhaps even our “favorite” such event, at least from the viewpoint of planning for it….

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Making Use of Grass – Survivopedia

As I sit here in my office, the grass in my backyard is topping three feet. That’s not normal for me, as I like to keep it looking at least…

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VIDEO: How to Make a Bowl From Tree Bark

Until you don’t have one, you don’t think about the importance of something as simple as a container. Do you need to gather some berries or other delicate wild edibles?…

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VIDEO: DIY Painting a Shotgun for Camouflage and Protection

Camouflage works by breaking the outlines of recognizable objects, allowing them to blend in with their background. As firearms are some of the most easily recognizable objects in the world,…

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VIDEO: One Stick Poncho Shelter That Works Anywhere

Sometimes your only choice of a campsite isn’t ideal, and you have to improvise some of the basics. In this video, Jason Salyer shows you how to use a pole,…