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VIDEO: A Quick and Easy Pole Barn for Shelter and Storage

At Survivopedia we appreciate all kinds of survival knowledge. While bugging out, get-home bags, and other exciting concepts receive a lot of attention, being able to take care of yourself…

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How Competitive Shooting Can Effect Your Survival

I actually got my taste for competition in the Army. About ten years after starting to learn how to fight with a gun for self-defense. I only started competing because…

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VIDEO: How to Rig a Poncho Lean To

Shelter should always be a top priority, and while having the skillset to build natural shelters that can protect you from the elements is a great idea, it’s also worth…

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VIDEO: Energy Giving Tea from the Brigham Plant

This week Tyler has another useful desert plant for us. In this video, he shows what the Brigham plant is and, more importantly, what it can provide. The Brigham plant,…

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VIDEO: How to Tackle Big Task with Small Knives

Not that long ago only, unless you had a huge blade on your hip you weren’t a “true” survivalist. However, the explorers of the frontier era, native peoples around the…

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Fight for Survival- Rule of 3’s

It has been said that in one’s fight for survival—there are no rules! Animals are the best example of living by no rules, only surviving. Human nature is a close…

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Surviving Vacation – Survivopedia

It seems like just yesterday was Christmas, but Summer is fast on its way. That means kids will be out of school, allowing families to go off on their summer…

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VIDEO: The Yucca Plant: A Survival Grocery Store

Some plants are legendary to survivalists for their ability to provide food, materials, or other things in the wild. In this video, Tyler White discusses why the Yucca plant is…

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Using Your Backyard to Practice Outdoor Survival Skills

These days, I’ve heard a lot of friends complaining about not having enough time to prepare or test their survival skills. They say there’s just no time left in their…

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Medical Preparedness Matters – Survivopedia

We all know the “Top 3” survival priorities, but one thing that seems to be forgotten at times is that there are things that supersede even those three in importance….