Survival Dispatch and Big Daddy Unlimited have partnered with American Stories Entertainment to bring you, Surviving Mann!

What is Surviving Mann?
Hosted by Don Mann, Seal Team 6 Special Forces veteran and New York Times best-selling author, Surviving Mann is a totally unique type of “shoot house” challenge.

Thirty-two contestants from all walks of life fight it out in a 21st-century high-tech special ops training center to see who gets to challenge Don in the ultimate survival competition.
Which contestant will win the season-long competition? Will the champion beat Don Mann? You’ll have to tune in to see!

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Water Damage and Natural Disasters

Nature can be awe motivating in beauty and ruining in raw power. This short article explores 5 different kinds of sensation that can bring comprehensive water damage to a property owner.

Home Emergency Plan – Three Basic Steps To Prepare For The More Common Emergencies There

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It is surprising the amount of people do not bring an initial help package. Crashes and illness take place each day as well as every person ought to be prepared. Realistically, emergency treatment items require lugged in any way times despite where you are. Unanticipated events can occur anywhere and any time. The majority of people invest one of the most amount of time in the house, so even though there are probably emergency treatment items in your house, ensure they are completely and easily available. Preferably, in a portable container maintained in one location whatsoever times, so every person in the residence can locate it quickly.

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