Surviving When the Grid Goes Down: Be Prepared

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You need power for lights, medical equipment, appliances, communications, security and a lot more. The Inergy Flex is FINALLY HERE! Does it live up to the hype? We do a demonstration of its capabilities and talk about the importance of having a quite, renewable energy source if things go bad! A modular solar power/ generator system that doesn’t rely on gas, isn’t loud, is portable, and NO MAINTENANCE.

*The flex batteries will STILL WORK with the APEX system, upgrade your Inergy Apex by adding another battery!

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In depth breakdown of the Flex Specifications


Battery: 1,069 Watt-hours, Lithium-ion, AUTHENTIC LG or Samsung cells

AC Inverter: 1,500-watt pure sine wave, 3,000-watt surge (May achieve higher loads as shown in video)

Charging: Combine multiple charge sources simultaneously (14-90VDC Solar Input, Standard Wall Charger/Car Charger Input) for fast charge.

Combined maximum charge rate per Flex Battery (with optional Flex MPPT Supercharger) with solar panels: 1 hour

Lithium-ion Battery Expansion: the Flex 1500 accepts up to 96 Flex Batteries (5 Flex Batteries per vertical stack maximum, connect multiple stacks with Flex Battery Adapter Plate—coming soon)

MPPT Charge Controller: 14-90VDC solar input, 30A maximum battery charge rate.

13.8V Regulated DC Power: Increases run time and stability for 12V devices

Solar Array Options: Accepts either series or parallel wiring configurations.

90VDC input maximum, no Amperage input maximum.

Dimensions: 14″ x 8″ x 8.9″
Weight: 30 lbs.
Warranty: 24 Months

Battery presale warranty – prorated 10 years

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Economic Collapse: 3 Tips to Survive When It Hits

With a significant economic occasion, possibly a complete collapse, looming in 2013, lots of people are asking me how they can survive. In this write-up I will certainly give you the leading 3 suggestions for surviving a financial collapse in 2013. Economic Collapse Survival Tip 1: Steer clear of from food riots and civil agitation.

Food Shortages: How Food Riots Start and What To Do

The probabilities are increasing daily that we will certainly have food lacks in America in 2013 that will certainly lead to food troubles. Increasing product prices blended with record reduced inventories of food as well as droughts in numerous countries combined with the financial uncertainty of the debt problems in the United States as well as Europe are all producing the ideal storm. When it happens, background shows us, it will occur unexpectedly.

Economic Collapse: How to Prepare Right Now

Individuals are asking me all the time what is the very first thing that they must do to be planned for a financial collapse. It’s funny the amount of different ideas individuals have about what is very important as well as what is not vital during a financial dilemma. Individuals choose to concentrate on investments and also valuable steels however they can not seem to wrap their minds around food shortages and riots.

Food Riots in 2013 in America: How to Survive

As fear of a financial collapse in 2013 mounts, many individuals are checking out the possibility of food troubles in America and also how to endure. The answer is very straightforward, however it is not necessarily easy. Being a catastrophe and also survival specialist, I am utilized to fielding concerns from individuals that are worried concerning what to do for the future.

Being Prepared

Accidents happen and also will certainly constantly keep taking place and also when it concerns an emergency scenario no one can be fully prepared for action. There are some things we can do to be prepared recognizing something can take place like having unique emergency bags prepared for certain situations.

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