Temporary Power Pole Installation | Forest to Farm

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Brian and Terry discuss the installation of their temporary power pole. Be sure to contact your local electric company and check the codes in your area before attempting to power up. Tune in now to see how they set up their power pole and the tools they use to get it done.

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Dehydration – A Guide For Survival

In this write-up we’ll inform you signs and symptoms of dehydration, just how to deal with dehydration, means to collect water, and conserving water. Getting shed or stranded in the woods can take place to anyone and also you may find yourself without food or water.

5 Things That Should Be in a Survival Kit

There are specific circumstances that call for a person to have the tools required to survive. It does not necessarily have to be an extravagant situation such as the collapse of the federal government either.

Active Denial Microwave Weapons

Armed forces modern technology has actually progressed significantly over the past thirty years. Among the greatest obstacles for police as well as military police is efficient riot control. It is necessary for legislation enforcement to preserve order, but enforcement using batons, pepper spray, and tear gas can be tough.

Stretchers for Every Purpose

In the early days of stretcher modern technology as well as design it was a case of one size fits all. Although this circumstance was much better than nothing it did indicate that rescue, recovery and transportation of damaged people was tough under specific situations.

Stretcher Rescue in the Mountains

One of the most inhospitable and hazardous places to try a rescue is from a hilly surface. The aspects invariably conspire versus you, wind, snow and ice all making also the easiest movements hard. The hill terrain itself is difficult sufficient, rough, sturdy direct exposures where rocks and boulders can come dropping at any kind of minute. As a result cots that are released to these locations need to be very unique.

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