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In Nesmix Book Woodcraft, the author talks about these things called doglegs. Basically, they’re just two big logs that you put things on top of so that they pick your fire up off the ground.

Tyler from TJack Survival opens the episode, talking about how to create fire with only woodcraft.
The fire triangle is made out of heat, fuel, and oxygen, and if you’re inhibiting your ability to create a fire by having it on the ground by taking away the heat, this is just one more step that you can add to the puzzle to make it easier to start a fire.

Dry conditions make the fire easy. But when it is pouring and you need a fire, you want to add all of these additional parts to make it simpler to build.

When choosing wood to lay your fire, use a saw to make chunks that are specifically the correct length for your little stove. Teepees would always tip over, so it’s better to create a shelf with a tipped-over teepee on it and stick your bundle right there.

Tyler’s fire layer is pretty simple. When he’s doing friction fire, he’ll put his nest down on the setup. When he’s just doing a regular fire, he’ll put a bundle of dead pine trees instead.
That’s what you want to grab, especially the ones that are up off the ground. It needs to be gray and dead and off the ground.

Pine needles and pine cones have a lot of resin in them. The problem is that these pine tree needles kind of burn like gas, so if you give it a little bit of breath, blow on it a little bit, it kind of helps it transition from the pineal that is burning to your kindling all night.

On the back of your setup is a tipped-over teepees nest made of tinder and kindling with an ignition source, which could be charcoal from a handrail drill fire plow or a lighter ferro rod.

Most of your sticks shouldn’t really be bigger than the diameter of my wrist and the length of my arm, with the exception of my two doglegs. The reason being, this fire burns and may collapse over itself.

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