The NEW! Food Funnel for Freeze Drying, Canning and Food Packaging

We are filled with excitement to announce our new Food Funnel 2.0
We designed a funnel to fit the needs of food packaging. The new food funnel allows freeze dryers, canning and food packaging folks of all kinds to direct their food into all types of containers. The width of the funnel is large enough to catch food from an XL size freeze dryer at 18″ on the diagonal. The spout of the food funnel will fit perfectly into a Mason jar or Mylar food storage bag. It’s made from FDA approved high grade durable plastic, that is BPA free and dishwasher safe. This food funnel has been improved in every way and offered at the same low price. It’s also MADE in the USA!

You can purchase your own FOOD FUNNEL by visiting:

Make sure you check out all of our other products for streamlining the free drying process while you are there!

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