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fluoride poison

This is a difficult topic to unpack and its even more difficult to try to find middle ground on all the conflicting viewpoints. Thanks for respectfully sharing your insights and opinions in the comments. Check out this video on the first things you should be doing to prepare for a decoupling from the grid

CANADIAN PREPPERS STORE / Premium Survival/ Emergency Equipment

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Fire Starting


Safety Considerations for Defense Spray

Today’s post will discuss some safety and security factors to consider for individuals using protection spray (pepper spray). Application designs, container dimensions, and focus of the cornerstones, oleoresin capsicum (OC).

Preparing For A Global Disaster

Worldwide disasters have happened prior to and also will happen once more. Being prepared will certainly make your life much better in a calamity circumstance.

Emergency Preparedness For A Natural Disaster

When an all-natural disaster happens there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to prevent it. The very best thing a person can do is be prepared for every emergency. Most towns as well as cities have strategies in position must an all-natural disaster take place in their town.

All-Electric Homes, Emergencies, and Kerosene

Back in the day, before the invention of electrical energy, practically every little thing was worked on either timber, coal, or nonrenewable fuel sources. We have actually definitely come a long way because the days when individuals went about with torches and lights. What accustomed to be the only sources of mobile light are now almost purely entertainment and also enthusiasts items.

The Survivalist Mindset

Preparing in an integral reaction in all of life. Squirrels store food for a perhaps lengthy wintertime, some plants relocate their delegate prepare to receive the rain, and we as people purchase insurance policy. The survivalist state of mind is a sensible strategy to being planned for all of life’s unanticipated events.

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